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Louise and Alastair's Wedding Film - Video Teaser Trailer - Dundas Castle Edinburgh

Super happy to be able to share a recent teaser with you all. Back into the swing of filming after taking care of some cool new developments with the rebrand.

Great to be back at Dundas Castle with their top class staff. Genuinely awesome day with the spring sun shining in the sky.

One of the best things about this job is seeing everyone having a great time and this day was a prime example of laughs, joy and friends coming together. LOVE IT. Superb ceremony with Robert Anthony Humanist Celebrant, genuinely cracking speeches and The Sleekit Beasties ripping up the dancefloor. Really enjoyed working alongside Orange Lemur photography studio as well. Enjoy!

Lindsay and Craig's Wedding Film Highlights, Dundas Castle, Edinburgh, Midlothian

A stunning day all round.  Fabulous weather, fabulous couple, fabulous venue and a fairly decent car as well :)  Lots of smiles. laughter and beautiful words filled this day and it was a real pleasure to be part of it.  I really hope everyone gets the feel of the day from the highlights.